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Job Opp For Your Cat

Job Opp For Your Cat

#jobopp for your cat! Do you have a talented feline? We are looking for a few good fun, cheeky, entertaining cats to do product testing and star in our social media videos.

Selected cats will receive free products to test (yours to keep), you video and submit. Any videos we use will also receive $20 via Paypal or $30 store credit.

Interested? Awesome!

Step One: Audition. Make a video of your cat using what you got; toys, costumes whatever they love that you can shoot a short 1-3 minute video that is high enough quality for us to make an ad out of (we will not be using audition videos for ads). Remove clutter from background and noise, silence of humans is golden. No cruelty!

Step Two: Submit to us for review. Facebook message us at

We will review and get back to you. We will choose a few cats. Quality of video does matter A LOT. If you are not selected right away we will hold on to your video for future projects or tell you why you were not selected. You are also welcome to submit new videos. We don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. We know your cat is awesome! We have space for just a few at a time.

If Selected:

Step Three: If selected you will be sent links to several different products for you to choose from. You know best what will be a good match for your cat.

Step Four: You pinky swear promise that you will send us a great video for us to use on our website, social media, and/or advertising. And by submitting your video you give us permission and rights to use your video.

Step Five: Sit back and wait for your cool cat product to arrive for testing. This could be a few days or a few weeks depending on the product.

Step Six: Introduce our products to your cat and make video magic (we hope)! Extra points if you would like to make a human reveal video for us to use (I am talking about of the products... Lets keep this clean).

Step Seven: Submit video of your cats enjoying our products.

Step Eight: Get paid! If accepted and we decide to use, you will receive your choice of $20 cold hard cash paid via Paypal or $30 store credit on

Step Nine: Repeat. If it works out we would love to keep this going! Your cat becomes a STAR and we sell oodles. We make no promises, but wouldn't that be awesome?!

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom and maybe laughing at my silly jokes. Hope to hear from you soon. Love to all your kitties, Beth


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