2 For Good

2 For Good

2 For Good - Is our do good for animals t-shirt program. For every t-shirt you purchase, your friends purchase, your Great Aunt Pearl or anyone purchases, we will donate $2 to a non-for-profit animal rescue that is committed to rescuing animals in need, giving them the care they need, and finding them loving homes.

2 For Good is a program that we started because animal rescue is near and dear to our hearts, but we would love to share! If you would like to donate directly to animal rescues that we know, have checked out and donate to or if you have a business that would like to participate in the 2 For Good program please contact us.

So How Does 2 For Good Work?

T-shirts are purchased as normal. You do not need to do anything special. We hold $2 from every t-shirt purchase until we reach $100. When that is met we donate the funds to a non-profit animal rescue that we have researched or personally know and feel good about.

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